Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 13

Today is our last day on our trip because I don't know why but jam happy that I get to go home. Well today we had to wake up eat breakfast and it was either pancakes or cereal. Well everybody woke up a d we had to spry down our tent to be clean so they can use hem for next year. So  I laid around for a little bit so I can wait to use the water hose to wash down the next I used so I did that and had to wait for it to dry so I helped out a little bit then waited. Then we were able to leave to get the day over with so we left the community center to leave home then we went straight to the dry falls national park and then we walked around then we watched a 12 minutes movie then we started to blog then after everybody is done with blogging we are going straight home

Day 12

Today we woke up and ate breakfast like usually and leave some where that involves wild life. So what we did we waited for Barbra Aripa to show up and to talk about stuff. So she showed up and we went inside of the community center to the gym to talk. But Barbra only had an half hour to talk because she had to go to a dressing. So we only had a certain time to listen. So she talked about how the radiation contaminated people who worked into eradication mines. And she talked about how the radiation moved all over the land from the wind. Then she left So we left to a fisheries by the Columbia river and talked about what the fisheries is about and how it helps the fish. So what we did is that we put on some live vest that helps you float in the water and went on a boat that takes us to the fisheries in the water that floats into the same spot and doesn't move but the river does. So he took us to the floating fisheries and showed us the rooms of fishes and they are sepperated by fish ages and into different rooms for fish. So there are biggish medium fish and small baby fish into the next. The rooms Are not rooms they are more like an cage but a a net on the bottom and the top open area and you could see all the fish. So the first spot of fish were about 2 or 3 years old in fish years and the next nets were small baby fish. That baby fish. Net holds 1million tiny fish and about 1,00000 fish die from the 1million fish. The other one hold a lot but I don't know how much fish. There was another section of fish and that one had just a little less fish I think but theses fish were pretty big some of those fish had a skulleyozes that's some thing that made some fishy spine cricked and I don't know if that's how you spell it. But ya I seen about 3 fish that had that syndrome and they eventually die. And they give the fish some kind of food that gives them. Protein and that they gain a little bit weight for there size and when they are given food they go crazy for food . But for the big fish they have a tube in the middle of the pool and it spins and shoots out food. But we didn't get to see that happen the guy that told us how it works. Then he took us back then the next group went next. While we waited for the next group to. Come back this guy Rick told us about how a guy swimmed the Columbia riverin. 3months and then 3 months later he died from skin cancer because of the river water was piloted from oil and other stuff. When we are waiting I just laid around then I heard Rick talk about his job and what he mainly does during his job. Then after that we left back to the community's center to listen to Rick talk about the animal skins that he had. He had about 36 different skins from different animals. His talk lasted about 1 hour. Then he left than. Then I left with bandwagon to the laundry mate to wash my clothes so I could have clean clothes for today so I left with them to wash clothes so I did but it kinda sucked because. We were going to be there for about. 3 hours. For washing clothes. So we did and then right before we were going to leave mr. Clinton almost forgot to wash Jedi's clothes so we had to wait about another 30 to 45  minutes to wait for some more clothes to be washed so we did then select to the community center to go howl for wolves but he had to wait about an hour so we did the we left to go see wolves then we left to some spots to howl for wolves the we heard some wolves but not pretty loud. Then we came back and then we went to sleep

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 11

Today we had to wake up early to eat breakfast and leave to WellPinit school and take showers after everybody takes showers we have to blog Jessica told us that we are going to just blog and then we are going to go back to the camp pack up then leave to our next place.

Day 10

Today we went to a meeting today after we woke up. So we went to the meeting and the tribal guys talked to us and t hen we followed them to a spot were they set up these box things sort of like a trap but not quiet so they showed us that then we left to a creek to go eat so we did then they told us that we get to go and shock fish in the water so the heritage kids went first and then we watched them and then it was are turn to go and shock fish so. I went down by the creek and put on these water boots and got in the water and no one told me to strap these things on our pants and I got in and water got in and got my socks wet but it wasn't cold it was sorta warm. So we went to shock fish so we got fish and just be fore we were going to be over my brother seen a big fish swim by and they shocked him but it kinda really didnt work and then it swam away the he popped out the we could him and we got pictures of the fish then we left. So we got back at the camp and chilled for about an hour then we went to lake rose revolt and I was warm then we swam for about 45 minutes and we saw some people swim to the other side then Jessica got scared then they tried to swim back but look like they were tired. So it's warm water so your muscles get relaxed so people get tired and drown in lake Roosevelt so that's why Jessica get scared.

Day 9

Yesterday we got told that we can sleep in till 7:30 but I sleeped in till 8:30. I woke up and ate breakfast and it was cereal. Jessica told us that we are going to do the painted rocks today. But she left to go figure out about the tire situation so she left us with mr. Clinton and miss. Mores. We did the paint thingy and it was confusing because you have to mix milk and lime stuff and crushed up rocks into a bowl and mix it up all together. When you are done mixing up the rocks and milk stuff it turns into a paint consistency and you can start to paint on paper. When I was done with the painted rocks I mixed berries together with a yellow color paint rocks and made sum sort of green blue color and I painted a bunch of pictures on paper. Then when we were all done wenex showed us some native foods and showed us the order they go in and what each foods mean. When she was done we left to Spokane reservation it was a long drive here and it was boring. When we stopped to eat before we get there and before it gets dark we ate at Arby's and the tribe told us that they would pay for out food so I got a triple berry shake and a chicken bacon cheese sandwich and the total of the cost was about 171 dollars and some change when we arrived we seated up about tents and went to bed.

Monday, July 22, 2013

day 8

today we we hd to wake up at 6:00 o'clock to leave and pack up to leave to the pendelton reservation to a public safety building. during the morning we all had to take down our tents to get every thing out of the way so everybody can eat eggs again or cereal witch is kinda an every day thing. i chose cereal today because i felt like a captain crunch kinda day instead of eggs. while everybody was eating or still putting there tents away, i and some people were putting things away like dishes and food and etc. so when that was happening i was helping out with the garbage and putting dishes away. when we left the pow wow grounds we went straight to pendelton witch was about 2 1/2 hours of sitting in a car. when we arrived to pendelton we went to a public safety building and waited about 5 minuets in the hot sunny day to see if we can go. so we went in side and it was pretty nice and quiet so we followed jessica to a meeting room and we went in and all i see is people run to a seat or coffie that was in a corner so i sat down. while everybody was done we started with this lady's presentation of the native americans and the cultural way's and stuff and i forgot my note book in side the van witch was in my duffale bag that was cramed in the bottom of everybody's else's stuff that rides in our van named war pony. so i went to go get it and walked back in side with my note book and i noticed that i lost my pen so i asked a teacher for a pen to right down stuff and i still have it in my pocket while i blog. but any way as i was saying i started to take notes on what this lady is taking about and when she was done every body got loud and started to eat food so i got some coffie and it was hot so i decided to go to the vending machine and got a pepsi for someone and it got stuck and i was thinking this person is not going to be pleased so i waited and it moves and it puts the pepsi in the hole thing oh and it was one of those vending machine that puts the drink in the hole in stead of dropping it when it gets loose. but i got the person there pop and i got some snacks then about 30 minutes later we left ith this girl to show us a river that is being remde with a new channel. when we were going there there was a rail road tracks that you have to cross to go to the other side and about 5 minuets of driving from there. the flaming egale nd band wagon go flat tires so we where there for about 20 minutes for tires to be changed. the reason  they popped is because they are old tires and the people that work on the river told us that there was new rocks put out near the tracks and on the road. witch were sharp new rocks and so they got flats my brother changed one tire then went to the river and waited for the rest of the big group to follow along. and when were at the river they got there and we walked to the river witch is about 40 yards away from where we waited at. so we were there for about 30 minutes then waked back to the cars and started to leave and we got two flats the front right tire was all smashed up and looked like it exploded and the other was just a flat so everyody was saying that we cant fix them because we already used the spare tire for the first exploded tire for the 2 day and we got another one  so we had the first exploded tire with us in the back and a spare on the bottom. so we got the tire off and people started to leave to the town and the other van left to take the 2nd exploded tire to leshwabsso i stayed but iam the one that got that tire off and the second. but we hd to stay there by the river to wait for another tire but it was going to take a long time because were about and hour away from town. so we waited for the other tire nd i took of the other tire and we stayed out in the woods for about 3 hours waiting for the next trie but these guys rolled up next to us and pit air in the tire to find the hole and patched it up for us by the time that happened jessicas dad came to get us but then we got out of there with the fixt tire. so then we came to the girls house that took us out here to the road. so were camping at here house out side while i blogg in the dark typing so good night.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

day 7

today we woke up early to leave to a fisheries place to talk about the salmon that are put on the endangered species list so they talked about how they made this dam thing and there is only on way they get in and when they do they get trapped so the guy that catches the fish he puts them into a crate thing and they shut it and send it up in a  con vary belt and this guy whats for the fish to calm down. so when they are calmed he opens a latched door and they all flow out into this big tub and they put one fish at a time in this other tub and then they measure the length then they check the fish if it has a radio antenna in it the they slide it up and down between this blue thing to check its nose for a metal thing in its nose then they give it a shot and then they put this antenna in its throat and body then put it in a box then they do it again to every fish in the box. then they talked to us for about an hour then we left to this guys office to tell us about the fish then we left to the wallawo lake to go swimming. i went swimming and it was kinda cooled  so we swam for 30 minutes and it was fun and then we had to collect rocks for this thing that jessica explained so i found some rocks then we left to the pow wow grounds to a feast then we ate then we meet up to talk with this old guy elmer crow that he talked about how we was young and how he growed up with his grandpa and how he was in the 1882 war i don't know if thats the right year. but he brought some hand held weapons that the nativeAmericans used for battle like a weapon that has a horn on each side and used for right handed users. that was used for breaking bones and other severe wounds, and another hand held weapon with a rock on it.  then some hand crafted bows then he left. so i took  shower and walked around till the pow wow stopped.